Why I Love Stockholm

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3 top things from my photographers travel book

I like Stockholm.
I have been there a few times for the wedding photography conferences and for a real wedding as a photographer.

Why do I like Stockholm? Here are my three things why.

Stockholm trip

City mood

Old and new houses. Overal city mood. On the first day I was walking down the street and thought to myself that I could live there. On one hand it is a big city with a metropolitan vibe, but at the same time it is cozy and homelike. Maybe it is similar to Riga, my hometown, but on a bigger scale with more spaciousness.

City mood
Winter in Stockholm
Stockholm Instagram Spot

This is one of the Top 10 Instagram places in Stockholm, according to this article

Botanical garden

It is my newest discovery. Found on the last trip and did a couple photoshoot with friendly folks, Dana and Tomas.  

Stockholm Botanical Garden

A beautiful garden inside and a warm place where to hide from winter. I should return in May to get into this magnificent Victorian house.

Bergianska Tradgarden
Stockholm Coffee
Stockholm romantic date ideas
What is Stockholm famous for
Photographers place
things to do in stockholm

Dogs & Treats

Stockholm is a city of dogs. Big and small. Super active and sleepy. Nice and nicer. It is possible to meet any kind of dog during your visit. One thing that dogs and people have in common are definitely liking treats. Lovely coffee places and great food is nearby. Just open your foursquare app.

stockholm for couples
Wiener Cafeet
Stockholm photos
Stockholm GIFs
Stockholm in February

About this video.
Hannah gave a homework in the WUN conference, to do a 1-minute video about anything.

I did mine about a day in Stockholm. You can read my notes from this photographer conference

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