Why Cameras at E-infin.com Shop Are So Cheap

My Experience Buying Canon 5D MK IV

Why Cameras at E-infin.com Shop Are So Cheap | My Experience Buying Canon 5D MK IV

The Best Price for Camera

Creativity is everything, yet an essential tool for photographers is a good camera. I’m wondering when smartphones will outgrow traditional cameras in the professional field.

Time after time there comes a happy day when a new camera is bought. Being a freelance photographer the price is an important aspect.

I found out from friends and Internet forums about the Internet shop http://e-infin.com. Nobody knows exactly how they work but the prices are the best.

Is This Shop Safe?

I did my homework and made a research as best as I could and after having some doubts I decided to try it out and bought Canon 5d mk4. DPREVIEW forum 
The process was fast and smooth, in a few days I got my camera shipped from the UK.
At a first glimpse, everything looked new, the box was fine, but when I touched the camera’s body, I got the gut feeling that something was wrong.

Testing Camera

I tested the camera with ShutterCount soft and the count of the frames taken was 6800 (canon gives a 100 000 frames guaranty, my 5d mk 2 and 6D are more than 200k….)
Test your camera from e infin shop
How to test shutter count canon
Canon camera shop
I had a thought that maybe that it was a test camera at the shop and that’s why this price was so good. But then I found information in the copyright section, there was a name and a surname. I found this photographer in the UK and sent an email. It turned out that she bought this camera on eBay, and after some frames, there was an error. She sent the camera back, and according to her she got this camera used, too (the same story with copyright info still left)

Getting a New Camera

e infin com camera shop
I was a bit upset, 2400€ is big money. I sent an email to the shop, got a fast answer that they had accidentally sent me a wrong camera. If I send it back, they would send me a new one. Thanks, Anda and Janis, for the suggestion to ask them for a prepaid DHL, it took some time, but they did that.

Having fingers crossed I sent back this body. After long 2 weeks and few follow up emails they shipped a new camera.

When I opened this box, in seconds, I felt that it was a brand new body. After more than 10 years in photography and a few cameras used before, you know when new is new.

10k frames later everything is good so far.
If you ask me, will I ever buy from them again? I will say yes, the payment is through PayPal and that seems safe. However, I suggest to test and check the cameras if you buy from them. After 4 months new Canon 5d mk 4 costs 1900 euro instead of 2400.. :)

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