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Before and After photo editing

Mood forest wedding

Before and After photo editing.
I am a little bit afraid of this post, but what is promised, that should be done.
This photo got more attention this week.
It was featured on Way Up North Instagram and it will be posted on Looks like films feed, too.
Photographers like to learn from each other, and I have spent a lot of time learning from my peers and online strangers. Now it is time to share my secrets, too.

Here we go  :)

Wedding picture before and after
How to edit wedding pictures

I guess some of you will be a bit disappointed because the difference is not so huge…

Contrast + warm white balance do the trick because a forest combined with an orange smoke was a good source.

The base for this edit was LOK presets and my tuning for this.
I did a little cloning to get a cleaner look.

Hope you like this :)

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